As a small business owner, you have probably taken on many duties, from human resources and accounting to future planning. However, as your business grows, you will need to delegate some of these duties. These are signs that you should consider outsourcing as a possible solution.

Your Company Lacks the Expertise

Specialized tasks require experienced and educated individuals. If your staff doesn’t have these skills, it may take them longer to complete these tasks. They not only have to learn new things, but they could make detrimental mistakes. Therefore, if you don’t have the staff to complete highly specialized tasks, consider outsourcing to an organization that employs people with these skills and experience.

You Have Non-Core Tasks

Your business benefits the most when you focus on your core competencies and businesses. Therefore, as you analyze your business, search for tasks that take your employees away from these core tasks. For example, a manufacturing company may outsource human resources, accounting or IT support so it can focus on inventory management, economies of scale production and distribution strategies.

If any task within your company does not give you a competitive advantage over your competition, you may outsource it.

Your Company Lacks Innovation

If you find that your company isn’t innovating on the scale it should, you may find that your employees are bogged down with redundant, non-essential tasks and just lack the time necessary for innovation. In these cases, removing some of these tasks can improve their time management and allow their brains to refocus on improving processes, products and services.

Your Teams Miss Deadlines

When your capacities are maxed out, your teams will often miss their deadlines. Sit your teams down and find out what tasks they are completing that don’t contribute to the projects they are responsible for. Are there redundant tasks that you can automate or outsource? You should also ask what the teams need to improve their time management and project turn-around time.

Your Business Is Growing Rapidly

Rapid growth requires increasing staff and capabilities, but you may not be able to meet these needs fast enough to take advantage of the expansion you desire. The last thing you want to do is cripple your company during rapid growth periods. If you feel the pinch, find out what tasks can be outsourced so your staff can focus on building and meeting your expansion plans.

If you face any of these challenges in your business, consider investigating outsourcing opportunities.