There are lots of ways that small businesses can increase cash flow. Selecting the right type of financing will help ensure that your increased cash flow can be used to help your business and help you achieve your organizational goals.

Business Credit Cards. A business credit card is a credit card used expressly for business purposes. However, they are best used for short-term and low-cost purchases. They are best for purchases that can be paid in full within approximately a month.

Term Loans. A term loan is a traditional loan that provides a lump sum of cash that is paid back on a structured payment plan. These are good for established businesses that are seeking to improve income through investment.

Credit Lines. A credit line is an access to cash flow that you can use as needed and may be able to be repaid as used. They often have lower interest rates compared to business credit cards. These are good for businesses that may have lulls in the capital, such as seasonal organizations.

Invoice Financing. Invoice financing is a way to borrow money based on invoices due from customers. This type of financing is good for small businesses with a long history of making sales on credit. 

Merchant Cash Advance. A merchant cash advance is an advance payment on income your business is expected to earn in the future. These are good for small businesses that don’t have a strong business credit score but show a steady inflow of cash through credit card statements or through payment platforms.

Increasing your cash flow means your organization is equipped to make purchases and invest in the business. That way, you can make improvements, keep up with your organizational strategy, and achieve your company’s goals and objectives in order to be the successful business you are striving to be.