A strong work ethic is a laudable trait in any employee. However, some employees take it too far. This article looks at the damaging effects being a workaholic can have on a person’s work life balance and professional performance.

Physical Health Damage

Overdoing it at work can lead to ill effects physically. For instance, it may be difficult for someone who is always at the office to maintain a healthy diet or exercise regularly. Workers who rise early or stay up late to squeeze in extra hours often fall behind on sleep. These factors can damage physical wellbeing and mental alertness. Even more worrying, too much stress at work can also damage the heart, according to Healthline.com. As part of work life balance, take steps toward eating well, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep. These will, in turn, make you more effective while you are at work, all while helping you feeling better.

Strained Interpersonal Relationships

A person who spends too much time working may neglect those important to them. If you find yourself missing important events like family commitments, dates, or time with friends, consider tweaking your work life balance more toward the life side. Work projects are not worth sacrificing friends or loved ones over.

Lower Self-Worth

Tying your self-worth to your performance at work can be a recipe for both working too much and feeling worse about yourself. Rather than spending too many extra hours striving to excel at work, spend some time focusing on excelling at other parts of your life.


Perfectionism can be a good trait—to a point. As an old saying goes, “done is better than perfect.” It is impossible to be perfect at every single work project, but some people get hung up on perfectionism to the point of putting in overly long hours and straining relationships with coworkers. Once a project is done, learn to let it go instead of nitpicking it for hours on end.

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