Most people are not born to leadership. Instead, they train themselves for leadership responsibilities through experience, education, and the wisdom and mentorship of others. Here are some steps you can take in your continual efforts to become a better leader.

Maintain Your Integrity

Honesty is a vital component of good leadership. If you make a promise, do your utmost to keep it, and don’t commit to anything that you’re not sure you can fulfill. This prioritizing of integrity applies not only to the workplace but to your home life as well.

Commit to Continual Growth

In committing to personal growth, you also influence the growth of your employees and your company. Personal improvement affects operational efficiency and ultimately the company’s bottom line. Consider a business-wide reading program of practical and motivational books.

Be an Example for Employees

You can’t expect your employees to be courteous to customers if you don’t show them the same consideration. Treat your employees in the same helpful manner that you would like them to manifest to clients. Encourage a culture of helpfulness and courtesy by your example.

Solicit Feedback

Instead of waiting for your employees to volunteer their impressions of your leadership, actively solicit their feedback. Ask them for tips on how you can become more effective in your role as leader. If their suggestions are too vague, request specific examples. Make it clear that you will not penalize them for negative comments.

Dress Appropriately

Rather than dressing to show off or impress others, select your clothes to reflect the personal and professional image that you want to convey as your brand. Consider your appearance in the light of the way you project yourself to employees and clients. This studied attention to appearance should apply to the office environment as well. Ensure that the workplace is clean and the decor reflects your company culture.

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