The digital era has brought about many changes, including how owners are naming businesses. Because customers are increasingly prone to search for products and services and connect with companies online, it is important to come up with a name that also functions as a viable web address. Here are some tips to help you with the task of naming your business.

Keep It Short

Statistics show that domain names receive more traffic if they are kept to a maximum of seven characters or less. Because your company name will likely also function as your URL, it makes sense to keep it concise. A short name is also easier to remember.

Maintain Visual Clarity

Many potential customers access information about businesses on their small smartphone screens. When considering options, they glance at their screens and process information quickly. If your company name is simple, clear, and easy to spell, it will more likely make a lasting impression.

Make It Easy to Pronounce

Another consideration is digital assistants that utilize voice recognition software. Naming a business something that’s easy to pronounce enables voice-controlled software such as Siri to more easily pinpoint and locate your business.

Consider What the Name Means

There are advantages for a company that is just starting out to select a name that is explanatory and easy to remember. Some businesses choose names that are esoteric or unrelated to the products or services they offer, but if you are a new company this would put you at a disadvantage until you achieve a high level of recognition.

Remember Your Priorities

Although company names are significant, they are far less important than the quality of the products or services you provide. If you offer your customers superlative products and exemplary service, they will probably recommend your business to others no matter what it is called.

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