One of the best possible ways of ensuring customer loyalty is by providing superior customer service, so that you retain customers you already have, and attract new customers as well.

Here are some important ideas to consider when trying to retain your current customers, and when you are trying to provide excellent customer service to help that process along.

Establish a consistent customer experience

Every customer expects to be treated with respect, and all of them secretly hope to be treated as though they’re a special customer. If your customer service can be fine-tuned to the point where you make each of your customers feel special, you will undoubtedly have a very high customer retention percentage. It’s also important that this treatment is consistent from one shopping experience to the next, so that your customers can come to rely on excellent treatment.

Ask for feedback

One aspect of your customer service which is essential is asking for feedback about your products and services, so that you know what you’re doing well, and which things need attention. Without this information, you won’t have much idea about how customers are perceiving your company and your service. Once you have this feedback, it’s just as important to react to it, so customers don’t feel ignored, and instead feel that their opinions really matter, and that you as a company really care about their feedback.

Maintain records of communication

Whenever you’ve had interactions with specific customers, it’s a good idea to maintain records of those exchanges. This is especially important if a problem was involved in the interaction, because you won’t want to overlook that problem in the future, and you want to pay special attention to such issues. Good customer service involves recalling shared experiences, so that customers feel their association with your company really matters.

Thinking of starting a customer loyalty program? 

Don’t be held back from planning and implementing that customer loyalty program you’ve been thinking about, just because you lack the funding for it.

We may be able to provide financial assistance, so please contact us at Safe Harbor Commercial Capital to discuss some options.