Resiliency will get you far in all areas of your life, not least in your career. The ability to bounce back after a failure, and learn from an error, is a sign of strength and integrity. Place yourself on secure footing and increase your resiliency with these tips:

  • Know your self-worth: Realize that you are a valuable human being, even when you fail or make a mistake. You are full of potential, no matter what has happened in the past. Don’t base your sense of self-worth on what others may think about you. First of all, you may be wrong about what they think, and relying on others for self-worth is a slippery slope. Mistakes are a great way to learn, so think of any setbacks as opportunities. 
  • Be tenacious: Continue on your chosen path, even after a mistake, even when it gets difficult. You’ll appreciate accomplishments more if they require some effort on your part, and any struggles will increase your resiliency. 
  • Choose positive companions: Surround yourself with accomplished and intelligent, yet compassionate and generous, people. These are people you can learn from and enjoy life with. Their positive qualities will help buoy you up on less-than-great days. Give back the support that you receive from your chosen friends and colleagues and you’ll create terrific business and personal partnerships. 
  • Take care of yourself and your loved ones: Nurturing your family, pets (and yourself) helps balance your life. In times of stress, the act of nurturing helps you remain calm and stay strong. Start with the basics of eating right and getting exercise. Nurturing gives you the fuel to live a full life.  
  • Be generous and optimistic: Be sure to share credit where it’s due and show others your appreciation. Gratitude increases your sense of wellbeing and provides encouragement to others. Don’t waste energy expecting the worst of others. Instead, expect the best.  

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