Apps have become an integral part of our lives. You can use them to order food, stay in touch with people, navigate—and even excel in the business world.

This post takes a look at several apps you can use to boost your professional productivity.

Reading-Related Apps

Apps that make it easy to pull up reading material can strengthen your productivity. For instance, if there’s a book you’d like to get through in short chunks, use the Kindle app on your phone to read it during breaks. Other reading apps include Instapaper and Pocket, which let you save articles to read later.

Organization-Related Apps

Have a hard time staying organized? Try keeping track of your meetings and appointments with Calendly, which cuts down on email and phone tag by making scheduling easier. Another app, Wunderlist, lets users keep track of and manage tasks.

Social Media–Related Apps

If you find that spending time on social media drains your productivity, try an app like Flipd. This app lets you set up time limits for certain sites, or even block them entirely. It is much harder to get distracted by social media when you cannot access it easily. 

Email-Related Apps

Do constant email messages distract you from your important tasks? If so, try an app like Inbox Pause, which delivers emails to your account at certain times each day instead of throughout. This can make it easier for you to set aside time to deal with emails—and stay on task for the rest of your day.

Another helpful email app is Shortwhale. It is a tool that can limit the length of emails and also provide a FAQ page. These can cut down on the time you spend emailing, boosting your productivity.

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