How to Use Outstanding Invoices to Your Financial Benefit

For businesses who have their cash tied up in fulfilling customer invoices, the need for extra funds can be critical. When new invoices are pouring in and employees are counting on a paycheck, financing receivables prevents stunted business growth by allowing business to operate as usual.

Safe Harbor Commercial Capital is committed to helping businesses of all sizes to use accounts receivable financing to their advantage.

Thrive in a Seasonal Business Market

Many professionals who work in seasonal industries can attest to the stark contrast between cash flow in the busy season and the offseason. Turning accounts receivable invoices into financeable cash assets translates to less time waiting for money between order fulfillment and customer payment. Seasonal work can flourish under receivables financing by allowing business owners to:

  • Keep employees paid and happy
  • Access capital tied up in receivables
  • Keep inventory in check
  • Cover overhead expenses

Never Miss an Opportunity for Growth

When opportunities present themselves, don’t be caught financially unprepared. Taking on new clients is an exciting step towards business growth but comes along with greater financial burden. Fronting the costs for business growth doesn’t have to be a setback with accounts receivable financing.

At Safe Harbor Commercial Capital we want to see your business flourish. Contact us to learn more about improving your cash flow with accounts receivable financing.