Commercial Real Estate Financing in Miami, FL

At Safe Harbor Commercial Capital, we know that there is an abundance of commercial real estate opportunities throughout Miami, FL. We also know that no two properties are alike, nor are the requirements of renovation and construction projects. Because of this, Safe Harbor Commercial Capital offers a wide range of commercial real estate financing solutions tailored specifically with Miami property markets in mind. From first-time investors to business investments, multifamily dwellings, large multi-stage construction projects, and everything in between, Safe Harbor Commercial Capital has a financing program to meet your needs.

Financing for Commercial Properties in Miami

Whether you are a commercial real estate investor in Miami, or you own a business and are looking for a new place to set up shop, Safe Harbor Commercial Capital has a number of options which can be configured to suit your needs. Our team not only has the experience and depth of knowledge in the finance arena, but we also understand the ebb and flow of commercial property submarkets in Miami, FL. Some of our commercial real estate financing options for the Miami area include:

Conventional Loans

Safe Harbor Commercial Capital offers conventional loans for most stable commercial real estate transactions. These loans are very popular for industrial structures and multifamily properties in Miami, FL.

Bridge and Hard Money Loans

Our bridge and hard money loan programs can be arranged quickly to cover time-sensitive expenses during a commercial real estate transaction, such as closing costs, down payments, or to get permits and renovations lined up for a house flipping project.

SBA Loans

SBA loans from Safe Harbor Commercial Capital are ideal for Miami properties such as hotels, motels, owner-occupied properties, and other commercial real estate investments. We offer fast and efficient processing, competitive interest rates, and terms up to 25 years.

Equity and Mezzanine Financing

Starting at $5 million, our equity and mezzanine loans are designed for larger investments where conventional debt-based financing is not a perfect fit.

Permanent Construction Financing

Safe Harbor Commercial Capital provides construction loans to ensure success at every stage of the project. These loans can finance your next project up to $100 million and beyond provided the equity matches the need.

CMBS Loans

Our commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) loans offer investors more liquidity. Our CMBS loans feature competitive terms and fixed rate options.

FHA and HUD Financing

We provide HUD and FHA financing for a wide range of commercial properties, such as multifamily, senior living, managed care, and others.

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At Safe Harbor Commercial Capital, we understand the challenges facing commercial real estate investors when it comes to getting the right financing for transactions and projects. Our team of experts will work with your directly to cut through the red tape and create customized solutions that fit your needs. From acquisitions to renovations, expansions, property flips, large scale construction, and more, we are committed to providing commercial real estate financing to Miami property investors to help ensure success every step of the way.