Commercial Real Estate Financing for Dallas, TX Properties

Whether you are purchasing your first investment property, expanding your portfolio, taking on a large construction project, or anything in between, Safe Harbor Commercial Capital offers commercial real estate financing solutions tailored for Dallas, TX property markets. The team at Safe Harbor Commercial Capital will work with you to help structure a financing strategy to get you to your goals quickly and efficiently. We understand that there are a variety of commercial real estate opportunities in the Dallas area, which is why we offer much more than just standard loans.

Commercial Real Estate Financing Options

Safe Harbor Commercial Capital knows how varied the commercial real estate submarkets are in Dallas, TX. We also know the challenges facing property investors trying to secure the right financing for commercial real estate. For these reasons, we provide more offerings to commercial real estate investors in the Dallas area than traditional lending channels.

Our commercial real estate financing options cover a wide range of property types and submarkets in Dallas, including:

  • Fix and flip
  • Retail
  • Office space
  • Storage
  • Industrial
  • Manufacturing
  • Multifamily dwellings
  • Rehab properties

At Safe Harbor Commercial Capital, we know that every commercial real estate transaction is unique, which is why we don’t believe in “one size fits all” loan programs. Our financing options help commercial real estate transactions finish quickly and efficiently, keep construction and renovation projects on track, and get investors to their revenue targets. Our commercial real estate financing solutions for Dallas, TX include:

Conventional Loans

For stabilized properties, Safe Harbor Commercial Capital offers conventional property loans, which are a great fit for multifamily dwellings and industrial structures in the Dallas area.

SBA Loans

We offer SBA 504 and 7a loan programs for a wide range of property types, including non-conforming and owner-occupied. Our SBA loans can be used for acquisitions, renovations, and construction.

Bridge and Hard Money Loans

Our bridge and hard money loans can ensure that your immediate expenses are covered. Bridge and hard money loans from Safe Harbor Commercial Capital feature variable rates and interest-only amortizations.

Construction Loans

Large construction projects require funding to keep things moving from start to finish. Safe Harbor Commercial Capital’s construction loans provide financing to keep your project on track. Our construction loans provide up to $100 million and beyond provided the equity matches the need.

HUD and FHA Loans

We offer HUD and FHA loans for designated properties. These loans include funding for senior housing, multifamily, managed care, and more.

CMBS Loans

Our CMBS loans provide Dallas area commercial real estate investors with more liquidity and fixed rates.

Equity and Mezzanine Financing

Sometimes conventional loans do not fit large investments. Our equity and mezzanine loans start at $5 million.

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