When you’re seeking to start up your own minority-owned business, you can probably use all the help available. To help with that process, the following minority-owned business tips are made available, and you would be well advised to use some or all of them to help get your small business off the ground.

Department of Commerce Minority Business Development Agency

This agency is completely dedicated to helping minority businesses succeed, and it routinely provides billions of dollars annually to minority business owners. It also offers a great deal of information on loans and grants, as well as sound business advice which can be found on its website.

City Minority Business Assistance Programs

Many metropolitan areas have their own assistance programs for owners of minority businesses. It would be highly advantageous for you to call your local economic development agency to find out about such opportunities which may exist in your own city.

Small Business Administration

There are extensive services provided by the SBA, including loan guarantees, education and training, and other technical assistance, as well as providing access to markets within the country. Many of these are geared specifically toward minorities and can help with the establishment of a small business. As minority-owned business tips go, this is one of the most useful.


This is a nonprofit organization which is comprised of mentors from the business world who provide assistance and educational opportunities. Small groups and one-on-one consultations are provided to minority entrepreneurs who seek assistance and/or guidance.

Minority Chamber of Commerce

This organization is closely associated with the National Business Association and is a nonprofit agency which offers educational assistance to minorities, in addition to financing and helps with contract bids.

Affinity Groups

There are literally hundreds of affinity groups in this country which are generally staffed with a number of highly skilled professionals that can help minority business owners make connections with business partners, and to receive useful business information. Networking with such affinity groups can be highly advantageous to any minority business owner.

Thinking of starting up a minority-owned business? 

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